2nd/3rd Grade Girls  Basketball

Winter 2019
Dec 7 ’19
Mar 3 ’20
Registration Dates:
Oct 23 ’19 – Dec 6 ’19 regular


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This program is for girls, age 7 ( or in Second Grade) . Basketball at this age must be tailored to integrating skill development into a team setting. This will be a 12 week program in a clinic format, however the final two weeks will involve games. The program will be run by a Coordinator designated by the Board of Directors, with the express purpose of encouraging parents to participate and learn along with their children. Baskets will be at the 8'-0" height. 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 games will be played to layer offensive and defensive team concepts into the games. The program will end with 2 weeks of 5 on 5 games.

Activities will include:

-     warm-up type drills that introduce particular movements and sequences of movements

-     dribbling drills, stationary, in motion, and while being defended

-     passing drills, stationary and in motion

-     shooting drills that teach them the fundamentals of shooting relative to their physical strength, lay ups.

-     rules such as traveling, double dribble, and contact fouls

-     the triple threat, and the other options you have from that position (all 7)

-     offensive concepts including spacing, cutting, and driving to the basket

-     defensive concepts including defensive stance and help defense

Players will need to start to understand how all the basic tools and skills they have been learning are implemented in a game situation.

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