Help support Easton Youth Basketball by attending our fundraiser on Saturday, February 11th, from 5 - 8 pm at the VFW in Easton. $25 per ticket for adults (includes one beer/wine - light apps, snacks) - kids free. Stop by anytime between 5 - 8 pm for raffles, silent auction, slide show, and say hello to other families. All proceeds will go back to lowering overall costs, gym time, equipment, and more.

If you would like to help plan this event, or donate a raffle or silent auction item, please email Jim Spillane: James13p@aol.com or text (508) 846-1254

Board of Directors

President                                                            Jon Fass

Vice President                                                    Brett Krause

Treasurer                                                             Greg Colegrove

Chief Administrator                                                 Jim Spillane            

Director of Rec Programs                                      Ryan Anderson

Equipment Manager                                             John Hrenko

Gym Coordinator                                 

Uniforms & Apparel                                              John Hrenko

Fundraising & Social Media                                   

CORI & Safety                                                       Nate Crossman

Coordinator (Metrowest Travel)                            Mike Glynn

Coordinator (Girls Rec)                                         Kara Dupill

Coordinator (Boys Rec)                                         Ryan Anderson

Coordinator (Junior Rec )                                     Ryan Anderson

Coordinator (Junior Rec )                                   

Coordinator (Junior Rec)                                     

Coordinator (High School Rec)                              Jamie Walsh

Questions About Easton Travel Basketball? Email: eastontravelbasketball@gmail.com

Questions About Easton Rec Basketball?

Email: eastonrecbasketball@gmail.com

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