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Board Members & Officers

  • Travis Rhodes
Vice President
  • Pete Bosader
  • Dan Murphy
  • Ted Querzoli
Director of Rec Program
  • Mark Whiteside
Equipment Manager
  • Jeff Howard      
Gym Coordinator
  • Ryan Riley
Fundraising & Social Media
  • Sirena Melton
Coordinator Girls Rec Program
  • Kara Dupill
Coordinator Boys Rec Program
  • Paul Fowler
Coordinator Travel Program
  • Rich Sullivan
Cori & Safety
  • Steve Hanson
Uniforms & Apparel
  • Wayne Casey
Coordinator High School Rec
  • Neil Nickla

Tryout Information For 2017-18 Season:


Results from this girls' tryout can be found above under the "Travel" tab or by clicking here: 

Girls Travel Tryout Results 


Results from the boys' tryouts can be found under the "Travel" tab or by clicking here:

Boys Travel Tryout Results

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