Family Discounts

Easton Youth Basketball offers the following family discounts:

Travel Program -- Maximum of 2 registrations per family (3rd $450 registration would be free) and $20 discount for the 2nd member of any family.  

Rec Program -- $30 (total) discount for two (2) or more family members; $50 (total) discount for three (3) or more family members

If you qualify for one of these discounts please email and the Treasurer will apply the rebate for you.

Additionally, members of the Easton Youth Basketball community are fortunate to receive the financial support of the DJ Henry Fund to cover registration expenses for families in need.  The process to request assistance is simple and straight forward.  Please go to and click the APPLY button on the top bar.  Once the application is filled out, please send an email to to let them know that you have filed an application for assistance.  The whole process should only take a few days.

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